Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Kawasaki ZXR 400 build and new seat unit design- July 2015

As a mid-season project, Nick and Roger at RMKD decided to turn a ZXR 400 non-runner out of Roger's workshop into a decent spec'd affordable race bike. After around 3 weeks work, in which the bike was completely stripped down to every nut and bolt to be serviced, the spec was upgraded to:

Stage 2 RMKD tuned RACE ENGINE:
RMKD spec race cams
Skimmed and gas flowed head
Profiled and polished inlet valves
Machined pistons

Race loom - freshly done
Beet exhaust system
Race rearsets
Braided hoses
Resprung R6 shock (with compression and rebound damping) works really well
Front forks stripped, cleaned, new seals and oil
New RMKD ram airbox
New race bellmouthes
New bodywork including latest style race seat/undertray
Freshly painted tank and wheels
Carbon fibre clock mount with digital temperature gauge
RMKD screen brace
New battery

Considering there are a lot of 'knocked about' race bikes going around at the moment, we didn't think this was a bad buy at just over 2k.

Take note of the seat unit... these are the latest design and available to buy now!