Monday, 5 November 2012

FOR SALE... Buy De-injected or feel dejected.

White power rear shock

Revalved 06 ZX6R forks with versys yolks
Harris clipons
Valter moto rearsets.
My own RMKD Racing lightweight rear subframe
Gp250 modified seat (have altered it and moulded from it so replacements available)
Standard Swingarm with my own carbon covers.
Swingarm has lightweight rear caliper and quick detachable rear wheel mod by me.
Very minimal wireing loom and uses a zxr400 cdi(rev limit 11,200) and er5 coils.
Dash:-Kawasaki revcounter/digital temp gauge/digital volt meter.
Full sealed large ram air box. Venting at the very front of the bike for optimum effect.
Larger Ducati radiator.
Enlarged exhaust ports
Gasflowed head

Kent cams.
Profiled inlet valves.
Race valve springs. (extra inner spring)
Kawasaki slipper clutch.
Machined standard pistons(to achieve correct squish) 
Standard conrods.
Exhaust is titanium and fabricated by myself and works perfect.
Keihin 41mm flatslides...flow far far better than 38mm throttle bodies. The riders who have tried the bike say they can feel a increase in power after putting carbs on, compared to fuel injection.

Bear in mind that there aren't many special parts for these and most are produced {at this stage} by small time tuners/fabricators.
Its sister bike (ridden by Dan Frear} was quoted by 'Jamie Hamilton' as 'a well turned out bike and equally as fast as Ryans'....Cock of the North..Scarborough 2012.
Dans bike made 94.8bhp...Dave has ridden both,back to back and says his bike is faster. It has slightly different cams so i expect it to make 95+BHP. It runs that well 'straight out the box' so to speak...
Will have foregotten something but that's the main spec.
Regards Roger