Friday, 28 August 2009

Arran feels the power and takes the glory. (Auto66 Cadwell 9/8/09)

17yr old apprentice engineer Arran Hopper has been showing real promise aboard his standard engined ZXR 400, his performances putting far more experienced riders to shame. The time had come to add some more power to the mix and RMKD duly obliged.
The unveiling of the new combination was at Cadwell Park with Auto 66 on 9th August and Arran didn't disappoint!
The youngster took four whole seconds off his previous best lap time around the technical lincolnshire track and won the opening two races in style. Unfortunately, youthful exhuberance got the better of him in race three where he pushed his braking point a little too much and fell uninjured at park corner leaving 16yr old RMKD ZXR 400 mounted Will leaning to take the victory.

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